Sulemani Hakik (Agate)

Sulemani Hakik stone possesses transcendental qualities. It has been used from centuries to turn one's luck. It is not only adorned by Hindus but Muslims also wear this stone with reverence. The wearer is filled with positivity after wearing this stone. It is used to remove the negative effects of Saturn planet, Rahu and Ketu grah.


The mystical stone could be worn by anyone from old age people to young ones and from women to men. As this has no side effects on the wearer it could be worn without checking the horoscope. After wearing Sulemani Hakik stone you could be assured of positive changes in your life. It will take you to the path of success and happiness.

Benefits of wearing Sulemani Hakik:

  • Sulemani Hakik stone will help in boosting the confidence of the wearer.
  • It removes negative thoughts and the wearer is freed from anger, confusion, and depression.
  • It has been known to protect the wearer and his/her family from any kind of black magic. If someone thinks he has been tied in black magic then he should definitely wear Sulemani Hakik stone.
  • With the effects of this stone enemies surrender to the wearer.
  • Sulemani Hakik is very effective in improving the health of the wearer.
  • Concentration power of the wearer is increased with the effects of Sulemani Hakik stone.
  • Native starts thinking rationally. A balance is created between the mind and the heart.
  • It is the only gemstone having the magical powers to protect the wearer from any kind of black magic and the evil eye. If you think the frequent turbulence at home and losses in the business are because of the black magic then you must get this stone immediately.
  • If you or some family member is constantly falling sick then wearing Sulemani Hakik will help in the healing.
  • If you are facing hurdles in the professional life or business then Sulemani Hakik will help you overcome these hurdles. It will also help you be strong in difficult times.
  • The protective stone will save the wearer and the family from any external threats. It is also effective in avoiding evil spirits. For the same reason, it is recommended to mothers of infants.
  • Pregnant ladies are vulnerable to negative energies. Sulemani Hakik will protect them from any threats.

How to check Sulemani Hakeek's quality?

 Every gemstone is judged on the scale of its weight and color. If Sulemani Hakik stone is shiny and lustrous then it is said to be of high quality. Sulemani Hakik as a remedial gemstone must not be broken. Keep in mind that it must not be used by someone else before.

The method of wearing Sulemani Hakik stone:

This stone must be energized before wearing. It will ensure the maximum benefits are received by the wearer. Sulemani Hakik must be adorned in a silver metal ring. The ring must be worn in the middle finger of the right hand. Saturday is the best day to wear this stone. The auspicious time could be confirmed by any astrologer. Sulemani stone could also be worn in the neck.

Where to get original Sulemani Hakik stone?

Wearing counterfeit gemstones may do more harm than the benefits. There are many sellers who risk the interests of the buyer by selling fake gemstones. It is necessary that you check the authenticity of the gemstone before buying it. Vijay Astro Care & Relief Center deals in original gemstones only. Thus, you can buy original Sulemani Hakik stone from Vijay Astro Care & Relief Center. Our experienced Pandit Ji energizes Sulemani Hakik before it is shipped to you. It ensures that you receive maximum benefits soon.