What is Taurus Zodiac Sign?

You have a good knowledge and interest in own business and also have an interest in music, science, engineering, software, travels, foods, fashion etc. You are an opportunistic person but not selfish. You use costly things when it comes to clothes, beauty products etc. You have a good intuition and people like to talk with you. Your conversation skills are very appeasing. You rarely get angry but when you do, then it is better to run away from you. You will have a gradual growth in life. Things may not happen suddenly. You will have some periods of sudden growth in life but now many. Shares are a field in which you can get some regular growth.

When do Taurus Birthdays fall?

You are a Taurean if your birthday falls between April 20 - May 20 according to western astrology.

Taurus Love Horoscope

The beginning of the year will bring back memories of the past for the Taureans. You will want to rekindle romance in life due to the presence of Venus. The emotional needs of adults will re-surface and they feel passionate towards their partner. But lack of reciprocation may make them feel neglected and lonely. All the single Taureans will get to experience love as well. Your reserved attitude helps you come across as interesting and mysterious, and this attracts suitors.  But getting int...

Taurus Relation Horoscope

As long as you will be doing what is told to do by your spouse, you will have very cordial and good relations; otherwise there can be big issues with him/her. But they won’t last long and there is not to worry much, Saturn is transiting in your 7th house but it is a yogakarak planet for you as per traditional Hindu astrology by being lord and an angle and a trine. You will not have good relations with your mother and there will be minor scuffles here and there, but your father has good ch...

Taurus Lal Kitab

Be optimistic and alert. - Follow this mantra this year and lady luck will be by your side! Your bold and confident nature will come to your rescue in all circumstances. Property disputes (if any) will be resolved this year and your health will also not be a concern. But April and May will be stressful due to financial and domestic troubles. This year will also prove to be fruitful for students and professionals, provided they stay focused and do not get involved in meaningless relationships. ...